The design creates a single terrain that picks up the continuities of the urban structure and heads towards the city’s sea front. The city lines flow into the square, forming individual areas and defining the entrances from the city. 

1st prize - 2021
Design Commissioning - 2022

Land n Arch wins the 1st prize at the architecture competition for the new Farsala Square. The proposal seeks to allow for the free, unimpeded movement, while maximizing the available public open space.

Honorable Mention - 2018

Pyrrou square is facing the view as well as the city-center and is home to one of the most prominent buildings in the city of Ioannina, the administrative building of the Region of Epirus. A building of a great architectural significance is standing at the northern part of the square. Its design follows a strict repetition – distance between its structural elements. The proposal adopts this principle and applies it on the design of the ground lines, which initially exhibit a relational repetition but ultimately twist to follow the city lines.

Shortlist - 2010

Nikis square, the most important public space and a neuralgic spot of the city of Kozani, accumulates the most significant public buildings of the city. It is the place where most of the public activities if the citizens take place, including parades and festivals. At its current state, its fragmentation with various dissociated elements hinders its function as an open space. Therefore, what the design mainly seeks to accomplish is the reunification of the square with the limitation of the conservation of the existing trees.