Pocket House

Pocket House

Pocket House

Place: Skoutaros, Lesvos

Time: 2012

Area: 54 m2

Architect: Eirini Androutsopoulou

Pocket House occupies an area of 54 m2. It is locates at Skoutaros, a village at the island of Lesvos in Greece.

It is designed so as to exploit the view towards the sea and Petra village, both from the inside, as well as from the outdoor areas.

 It acquires a rather narrow imprint, which places the living room and the bedroom at the view and leaves the kitchen, the stairs and restroom at the rear part of the house.

The plot
The village

The ground inner volume increases in height at the living room area, allowing for a maximum exploitation of the facade openings’ height. This gesture also serves as a subdivision of an otherwise open inner space into two parts. One containing the living room and the other the kitchen and the stairs. The upper floor is dedicated to the more private areas of the house, such as the bedroom and the restroom, while providing a way up to the terrace.

Two outdoor areas are designed, the courtyard and the terrace. The courtyard emphasizes the natural ground inclination, providing a way up to the entrance, as well as an integrated balcony for the living room and a bigger area at the maximum ground height.

The terrace is connected with the upper floor through an external staircase, acquiring this way a more private character.

The terrace
Heading to the view
The courtyard​
View from the terrace​
View from the courtyard
Interior view