Loumaki Park

Loumaki Park

Loumaki Park

Place: Karditsa, Greece

Year: 2018

Type: Architecture Competition


Architect: Eirini Androutsopoulou

Consultant: Dimitrios Androutsopoulos (Plantation Study)



World Landscape Architect

Taking as a starting point the existing water line, Land n Arch designs a water park to replace the former military park.

The landscape

The basic design gesture of this awarded proposal for Loumaki Park is the two-sided sinking of the natural soil to the water.

This results in the production of a landscape that amphitheatrically ‘looks’ towards the water.

The connection with the urban tissue

The connection of the park with the urban landscape is achieved by the two-way continuation of the road axes inside the park, in the form of pedestrian pathways.

They cross the park from east to west, meeting the urban tissue at both ends.

The production of the general layout

The park’s main plan lines are produced by combining the sinking to the water, together with the continuation of the city’s axes.

On the border with the city, the park penetrates by providing urban ‘backyards’ – planted public areas.


Water is used as a play element at the park's playground
The city's road axes extend to form the pedestrian pathways
- the bridges above the water
Blooming trees are planted at the intermediate area
between the buildings' courtyards and the water area
The space in front of the city's town hall
is treated as an urban balcony embracing the park
Botanic gardens are designed as moist parcels of land,
placed in-between the pedestrian pathways