Skiathos BnB

Skiathos BnB

Skiathos BnB

Place: Skiathos, Greece

Time: 2007

Plot’s area: 195 m2

Built area: 206 m2

Skiathos Bnb is a 206 m2 facility located at Skiathos, one of the most visited islands of Greece.

Existing building

The existing residence is converted to the Bed and Breakfast apartments while the addition of the new construction offers a very much needed extra space.

The bridge

The flooring of the existing construction is preserved, but the interior space is re-organized to accommodate the facility’s new purpose.

The project’s goal is to draw a distinctive line between the existing and the new construction and at the same time create a smooth transition from the old to the new.

The bridge between the two constructions serves as a connection as well as a separation between the two but the project remains cohesive due to the careful selection of materials and construction techniques.

The courtyard