Place: Kavala, Greece

Year: 2022

Type: Architecture Competition

Architect: Eirini Androutsopoulou

Eleftherias Square in Kavala

Connections – Urban Structure

The main objective of the proposal is to create a single terrain that picks up the continuities of the urban structure and heads towards the city’s sea front. The boundaries of the city flow into the square, forming individual areas and defining the entrances from the city. 

The unified terrain of the square creates synergies between the urban structure and the square. It takes up the urban continuities of the streets and merges them into the surface of the square, while creating a strong axis of movement towards the water.

 It creates a new identity for the central square of the city of Kavala, acting as a linear mosaic of urban engravings and land formations, acting as a unified whole facing the sea and directed towards the water.

Unified Structure – Individual Areas

The urban layout becomes the starting point for design, while it enables the creation of individual activity cores in the unified structure of the square.  

The distinct spatial units are interconnected and organically integrated into the unified square territory.