Place: Ano Psari, Peloponnese, Greece

Year: 2016

Client: Private

Total Area: 466 m2

Building’s Area: 115 m2

Architect: Eirini Androutsopoulou

aNo is a residence situated at Ano Psari in Peloponnese, a village with a rich history of human settlement and with a prominent view.

The site is located in Ano Psari, a village with rich history of human settlement which was until very recently deserted. Settlement in Ano Psari begins in about 1630 and the inhabitants move in the late 19th century into a lower height settlement, closer to the land parcels used for agriculture (Kato Psari). This results in the current image of the village, being an assemblage of deserted roofless premises made of stone, of small total area and of a specific typology (5x10m).


The proposal focuses on the

Preservation and restoration of the stone shell leaving parts of it at their current state in terms of morphology, to set the boundary of the residence’s outdoor space (veranda).

Design of an adjacent building containing a courtyard facing the view. A plan typology that doubles the typologies of the deserted shells of the settlement is assigned to the addition.

–  Creation of interior and exterior spaces at different levels following the inclination of the ground, with respect to the landscape and the site’s geomorphology.

Transitioning between ‘rooms’

 Interior and exterior space is organized in different levels which follow the natural ground inclination. The transition between rooms, a typical characteristic of the interior organization of the local residences is a succession of ascending spaces, leaving the interior levels of the residence accessible through movement and gaze

The courtyards

 The two main courtyards are enclosed by the existing and newly restorated stone shells and are located in levels which are above the ground level (+1.00) and create a feeling of elevation in relation to the mountainous landscape which lies ahead.


Traditional and modern materials are used in each spatial unit, with emphasis in the design principle – creation of a whole consisting of distinctive parts -the ‘rooms’.

The view
Existing stone construction
The site
The terrain
The terrain