Pyrrou Square

Pyrrou Square

Pyrrou Square

Place: Ioannina, Greece

Year: 2018

Type: Architecture Competition


Architect: Eirini Androutsopoulou

Collaborator: Magdalini Gavriloglou

Consultant: Dimitrios Androutsopoulos (Plantation Study)

The balcony facing the view, the trees framing the view and the twist of the ground lines are the three elements of the Pyrrou Square design.

Pyrrou square is facing the view as well as the city-center and is home to one of the most prominent buildings in the city of Ioannina, the administrative building of the Region of Epirus.

The twist of the ground lines

A building of a great architectural significance is standing at the northern part of the square. It is currently used as a cafe-restaurant, offering a much-needed recreational function. Its design follows a strict repetition – distance between its structural elements. The proposal adopts this principle and applies it on the design of the ground lines, which initially exhibit a relational repetition but ultimately twist to follow the city lines.

The balcony

The central part of the square is a large platform overlooking the lake of Ioannina. The ground materials used in this area emphasize the need for a vacant outdoor space with no visual obstacles. The balcony is dedicated to the view and it is solely equipped with two linear benches facing the view. It respects the supralocal character of the central square and it is inviting to the public.

The frame

Vegetation is extensively used on the two sides of the square and create a character dedicated to the square’s everyday use. It is a place where one can read, work, play or even enjoy a picnic. The vegetation has a more pronounced height towards the edges and serves as a frame of the view. It also offers privacy and separation from the busier areas of the square.