British School

British School

British School

Place: Lycovrissi, Attica, Greece

Year: 2012

Type: Invited Competition

Total Area: 9.586 m2

Building’s Area: 4.793 m2

Architects: Eirini Androutsopoulou, Karolos Galanos, Nastazia Dretta (Kion Architects), Christina Konstantaki (Praxis Company), Vanessa Isaak

St Catherine’s School in Lykovrissi is designed as a continuous building volume enclosing two atriums divided by an elevated bridge.

St. Catherine’s School, based in Likovrissi, Greece, invited in 2012 several teams of architects to participate in a competitions for its new premises in a location nearby the existing building.

The proposal intends to create
-a theatre/auditorium and LRC that may function independently so that facilities outside regular school hours could be accommodated (conference, etc) and serve the community at large, thus enhancing the role of the school,
-”interstitial” spaces and most particularly the courtyards which promote the community spirit,
– teaching spaces with proper orientation and ventilation,
– recreational facilities
-a building with the max possible autonomy as regards energy matters, leading to an environment friendly building complex, with the use of bioclimatic architectural practices,
-maximal pedestrian flow.